Kanika and Harsh

Kanika and Harsh
18×24 inches
Acrylics on canvas

I enjoyed painting this – it is certainly a departure from my usual ‘portrait’ commissions. The client asked for a ‘live painting’ spontaneous vibe. So I choose to keep everything very fluid with an impressionistic feel to the entire painting.
The client sent me some reference pictures of what they meant by live wedding. And thankfully lots of high-resolution images from the wedding itself.

The brief was to capture the bride and groom during their ‘pheras‘ and cut out all the clutter of the chairs and people in the background. The backdrop is gorgeous rope and string lights hanging from a very large and very old tree with added flowers and chandeliers. The idea was to also give an impression of the gold tea light stands on the sides. If you look closely you will see little flecks to signify the fallen rose petals on the rust carpet and details on the bride’s lehenga…

You can see the reference pictures I used of the happy couple and the backdrop.

By the way, do Google the kinds of examples available for ‘live wedding painting’ – I think I surpassed the brief. I am really happy with the finished piece and so is the client. And I captured a likeness of the bride and groom as well. For reference, the faces are about an inch in height. 🙂

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