Suchi Govindarajan

Suchi Govindarajan
Approx.12×12 inches
Acrylics on board papered with brown paper.
I met Suchi @suchiswriting for the first time over a dozen years ago. we became friends on Facebook and even met in person a few times. Though those meetings were ad-hoc and with other people. – Kind of by the by… But what always stayed with me was a breakfast meet-up at the erstwhile Ants Cafe here in Bangalore about a decade ago. It was supposed to be for a quick Coffee and we ended up spending hours just talking. And then life for both of us got hectic and somehow we did not end up meeting in person for that one-on-one again.

And then a few months ago I felt the itch to paint a few non-commissioned portraits again and I found myself stalking my friends and family on Instagram and Facebook. One particular picture of Suchi just leaped out at me. It was her absolute delight in the chaat she was eating. The smile, I had to paint it. And she tells me – food always gets her that happy 🙂

I met her yesterday to give her the painting in person and we ended up chatting for hours!! She is a genuinely delightful person and I am so happy to call her a friend.

This is a message she sent me later 🙂
“My parents loved it and said the smile was exactly the same. My mother used a Tamil phrase that literally means “peeled you off (and put you on paper)” 😊”

I have often saved pictures of friends and their families on Facebook or Instagram as a possible reference. A few years ago I decided to dive into that folder and start. I put out a post on FB letting everyone know what I planned to do. I have now completed a total of 21 and barring 3 – every one of those is now with the person in question. I hope to meet the 3 others soon and rectify the situation!

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  1. Bunkerintegrated says:

    Suchi Govindarajan’s interview beautifully highlights the essence of creativity and inspiration. Loved the insightful perspectives and artistic journey shared!

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