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In an earlier post I mention this black kurta that could probably replace me at events. What probably cannot be stressed enough is just how much this kurta has seen and been through with me. It is almost a metaphor for my life and milestones in a way. For almost all of the last five years so it seemed fitting to make it a canvas for more self expression.

I don’t believe in turning the other cheek but sometimes with those close to me I have. To my detriment I might add. This next version of the black kurta is my take on the pain that I have endured. So many times where inspite of my gut telling me otherwise, I still trusted. Almost inviting that blow when it came…

So in the making of this project of self expression I researched lethal and non-lethal ways to stab a person.

Remember the little stabs I mentioned in this post? The little red slashes on the kurta are the many stabs I have endured from those I trusted. The ones that did not matter to me are the ones not registered on this kurta. Notice there are so many more on my back. I wonder why people find it easier to stab in the back. Do they lack the courage and conviction to look me in the eye while they do it? The red cuts on my sleeves signify defensive wounds for the ones who did try upfront.

And the ‘X’?

Those are points where you could potentially kill some one or maybe maim them. Leave them in excruciating pain…


You can read the various posts about my journey thus far here or just go through these three links that I think will give you some context of where I hope to take this series.

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